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Sunday, December 26, 2004


The things some people will try. It's unfortunate that scams work on some poor people, but one telephone scammer made the mistake of calling my brother, who relishes confrontation. I'll try to recount, as best I can remember, how my brother described the call to me...


Brother: (answers) Hello.

Dude: (in very thick Indian accent) Hello, this is Joseph Smith with the United Bank of America (or whatever bank my brother uses - I forget).

Brother: Smith?? Your last name is Smith? I doubt that.

Dude: Yes, I know, it is a common name but it is indeed my name, Sir. It seems we are having questions about your account and I need you to give me your account number so I can verify it is you before we proceed.

Brother: I'm not giving you my account number.

Dude: But you must tell me your account number so we may verify it is you.

Brother: I don't even have a way of knowing if you are really the bank.

Dude: Ok, here is what we can do.

Brother: Ok. (waits)

Dude: Get out your checkbook.

Brother: Ok. (gets out the checkbook)

Dude: The first part of your account number is (gives the first few numbers, and then a few more very quickly and difficult to hear). Now, you tell me the rest.

Brother: That's the part that just identifies the bank - anyone could get that number. I don't think this is the bank, and by the way, I can hear the office sounds in the background have looped! You're not even really in an office!

Dude: Umm, yes, Sir. There are... people... all around me.

Brother: Then let me talk to them. I want to talk to your manager!

Dude: Umm... hold on one moment.

(Some time passes. A person with a thick Indian accent, trying to make it sound more English and deeper comes on the phone)

Dude: Yes, this is Michael Jacobson, the manager.

Brother: This isn't Michael Jacobson - this is Joseph Smith! And you're not even Joseph Smith!!

(The dude hangs up)

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