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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Presentation on Compassion

A few weeks ago I gave a talk at the Houston Church of Freethought. The subject was on "Freethought and Compassion". Finally, I have gotten around to editing the presentation into a presentable essay in print, formatting it, and noting references. If anyone would like to read it, it can be found on my philosophy site, or by clicking HERE.


  1. Excellent article! I'm glad you linked to it.

  2. Thanks querety! Glad you liked it :)

  3. There's a church of Freethought... in Texas??

    Why can't I find one around here??

    (I'll read the essay soon. :))

  4. Where is "here"? Houston area has a very lively nontheist community, including the HCOF, "the Humanists of Houston" (HOH), the "Humanists of Montgomery County", the "Houston Atheist Society" (HAS), and the "Secular Students of Rice University". A lot of them interact with one another extensively through the "Houston Freethought Alliance".

  5. Northern California. Lots of Christian & Catholic churches around here. I've yet to see any kind of Humanist group or building advertising meetings of that sort, unfortunately. I'd go!

  6. Ah, maybe these might be close enough...

    The Humanist Community
    Palo Alto

    Humanist Association of Greater Sacramento

    Humanist Community of San Francisco
    San Francisco

    Fellowship of Humanity

    Atheists and Other Freethinkers

    Atheists of San Francisco Region
    San Francisco

    Secular Humanists of the East Bay

    Atheists of Silicon Valley

    San Francisco Atheists

    Shasta Atheists & Freethinkers

    Atheists & Agnostics Group of Rossmoor
    Walnut Creek

    Remember, many of these groups are small so if you think a group isn't quite as you like it, you can play an active role in helping to shape it. Also, if there's not one in your area, the AHA or CSH are pretty helpful to those wishing to start a group. It could be something as informal as a monthly get-together in a public place (bookstores, cafes, libraries, etc).

  7. Thanks for those! :) Most of them are an hour away, but I'll save the links anyway. I think I'd prefer something 'humanist' to Atheist.