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Friday, May 26, 2006

The Mental Air Conditioner

Today's entry is from my wife, Julie, and touches on how our focus determines our reality. A view shared by Marcus Aurelius, Buddha, and Qui-Gon Jinn. Thanks Julie!

The air conditioner on my husband's car started not cooling very well several weeks back. It's HOT where we live! Once the decline in cooling was noticeable, I refused to ride in it anymore. It was just sheer misery having to drive around in a hot car with no cool air. My car's air conditioner was fabulously cool in comparison.

We were about to take my husband's car for service, and then my own car's transmission went out. I have a 10 year warranty that covers the transmission, but we've had the most rediculous run-arounds from Hyundai on attempting to get it fixed, which has meant for close to a month we've had only one car and I've been driving my husband's car every day to go to work.

It no longer seems so bad to me. I keep the windows open. In the mornings it's a little humid, but the air is relatively cool and it's kind of pleasant riding with the windows down. In the evenings, it's hot air, but it's a steady amount and even if I'm not as cool as I like, at least I'm not actually sweating.

It seems like suffering can be directly connected to knowing whether or not there's a choice. Nothing about the weather or car has changed in the past month, and if anything it's hotter than it was a month ago. My own brain determined whether or not I would make the choice to suffer.


  1. HolyRomanEmperorMay 30, 2006 at 9:34 AM

    Yes, this is true.

    The same principal applies to eating foods you don't like (like vegetables)!

    It's all in your mind. The only reason you "suffer" in these cases is because you choose to.

  2. No, actually brocolli is objectively harmful and discusting. :)

  3. I had a '71 Dodge Colt years ago. No A/C. Had to drive back and forth to Santa Rosa for months, including summer. And the seats were not leather or breathable at all. I usually rode with the windows down, too. At least it was a nice drive for the most part, and then getting out of the car and going anywhere was a relief. I also felt a little more connected to the world with the windows down, as if having them closed with the A/C blasting separated me and kept me in my own little comfortable space.

    All my cars have had A/C since then, and it's far too convenient. ;)

  4. Broccoli. Disgusting. And... RIDICULOUS.

    Tsk, tsk. So many typos. :Þ

  5. It's funny, I just brought my car in to have my A/C serviced. Turns out it needs a compressor -- don't ask how much! I commute 80 plus miles per day, so I choose not to suffer.

  6. Me too John! :)
    Unfortunately, we haven't been able to put our car in the shop because the other one is in there right now. But it's on the short list.