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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Introducing Humāinism

Update - July 20, 2006: Unfortunately, Rick has had to remove his site for the time being, so the links below will probably not function. I'll update readers if this ever changes.

Rick Bamford is a fellow Humanist I met online through the International Stoics Forum, and with whom I have been collaborating and exchanging ideas and thoughts about ways of expressing and living Humanism in a more personal, positive, and spiritual sense.

Rick has come up with a nice collection of ideas he has termed Humāinism. Rick's concept is fairly precise and he has accepted that it is a more narrow focus than some Humanists would identify with. Even I do not hold the same views on vegetarianism, for instance, but agree with Rick on the vast majority of other ideas. For example, his three components of Humāinism is very much in agreement with my Primary Virtues, and his use of concepts from Buddhism and Stoicism is excellent. Humāinism is packed full of wonderful ideas and concepts, inspired from a variety of traditions and philosophies - certainly a noble take on the same general direction we'd both like to see Humanism head.

I highly recommend a reading of the site in which he has outlined his concepts. It can be found here:

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