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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Susan Blackmore & the Paranormal

I've recently discovered the website, work, and existence of a very interesting woman. Her name sounded familiar to me so I may have read her work before, but Susan Blackmore is a freelance writer and lecturer who apparently writes about memes and other interesting stuff. With a degree in parapsychology (as well as psychology and physiology), she used to write about and investigate paranormal claims. In the article linked to below, she explains why she's given up on investigating the paranormal. I hope to look into her other work more when I get the time.

Why I Have Given Up, by Susan Blackmore

Update, January 10, 2007: Susan Blackmore was a featured guest on the December 15, 2006 edition of the webcast "Point of Inquiry" (link HERE).


  1. Hi, DT. That article looks very interesting! I'm going to read it when I get time.

    Meanwhile, I thought you might like to see this:

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Thanks ₣łaѕђсaτ!

    This is good to know. I'll see what I can do :)