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Friday, January 12, 2007

A Remarkable Woman Discusses A Remarkable Man And Their Remarkable Ideas

Ann Druyan is the widow of Carl Sagan and so much more. Not only is she a gateway to learning about Sagan the man, but Druyan is a remarkable woman herself. She has produced great media productions and lectures, and contributed greatly to many causes.

I recently heard this month's episode of the webcast, Point of Inquiry, which interviewed Druyan. It was amazing to hear her eloquently explain the perspective she shared with Sagan on the universe and spirituality, as well as her defense of that approach in the light of modern issues. It seems to me that she is ahead of her time in terms of science, religion, and spirituality. Many of her thoughts are exactly what I am aiming to do with the notion of the Humanist Contemplative. Lastly, to hear her descriptions of the person who was Carl Sagan was both inspiring and amazing. Surely, it was one of the best webcasts I've heard and I highly recommend it.

Point of Inquiry: Ann Druyan - Carl Sagan and The Varieties of Scientific Experience

You can also catch Ann Druyan at the Beyond Belief '06 event on YouTube:

Beyond Belief '06 - Ann Druyan (part 1)
Beyond Belief '06 - Ann Druyan (part 2)
Beyond Belief '06 - Ann Druyan (part 3)


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  3. I've been marking the decade since Carl passed in my own ways, but this is a great way to continue following the thread. Thanks much for the links...

    Tom Moore

  4. Thanks for reading Tom :)