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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Officially a Minister

Well, I've been rather busy lately with a new job as Marketing Manager of a major non-profit medical organization, beginning the process on a new townhouse (our first), serving as President of my local Humanist group, and many other things.

Among these recent things, I have presided over my first funeral and my first wedding as a Humanist Minister. I suppose that makes it official. The funeral was for the wife of a friend from our Humanist group, and I think we gave her a ceremony she would be happy with. Her husband seemed satisfied with the ceremony and I was honored to be a part of it. The wedding was this past Saturday and was quite an experience. There were many Christian family members there, but everyone was very kind and seemed pleased with the ceremony. I have been very fortunate to have the mentoring and assistance of more experienced Humanist Minister Ross Henry.

After serving as Minister for both of these, I feel this is something I'll be happy doing over time. I don't think I'll try to make a career of it, but it can be something I do on the side.

I was thinking recently that my efforts as a Humanist Contemplative seem to be helped by serving in a ministerial capacity. One thing I'm trying to do with the contemplative program is focus more on the personal, applied, and compassionate side of Humanism. It seems that being a part of these important human events is helping to keep me in touch with that aspect of Humanism - so I think this will be a helpful and enlightening experience.

I've also heard from a like-minded Humanist in the UK recently who enjoyed my take on the Humanist Contemplative and has been kind enough to converse with me about these thoughts. I feel over the past decade or so, we have been seeing a number of really exciting things brewing for naturalistic spirituality. It will be wonderful to be a part of it as things develop in the future.

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