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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Humanist Contemplatives to meet

Humanist Contemplative emblem.
(cc) DT Strain.
This evening I'll be hosting the Humanist Contemplative's Houston monthly discourse. We've been meeting for several months now. It's a small group that looks at the overlap between Humanism and contemplative practices, traditions, and ideas.

Over the past sessions, we've looked at complex systems theory, Heraclitus, Chuang-Tzu, Taoism, Buddhist physics, Stoic physics, and their ethics. Tonight we'll be bringing it all together to examine the shared characteristics between them, and see what we might infer as implications for the Humanist.

We rarely get around to everything there is to say on these subjects, but it's always a delightful experience. Our effort is to be more in a listening and tolerant mode than in a debating one. We meet at Te House of Tea (1927 Fairview Street) at 7pm on the second Wednesday of each month.

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