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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins gets spiritual

Billy Corgan. (CC) joshb_md,
The Smashing Pumpkins is an alternative rock band best known for song such as "Tonight, Tonight", "Today", "1979", "Bullet with Butterfly Wings", and "Disarm". Lead singer Billy Corgan has recently started a new blog called, Everything from Here to There.

He describes the purpose of his new blog as follows:

"The purpose of this website is to discuss openly and without fear concepts of Mind-Body-Soul integration. If you are drawn to the Hidden Truths, drawn to God as something beyond limitation, and drawn to Love as the greatest force in the Universe, then you have come to the right place at the right time. This is a place of Love."

What Corgan calls "Mind-Body-Soul integration" is described further in a later post:

"Mind is the faculty of how we process information, our tool of perception... Body is the vehicle we are in, the alchemical mystery that we drive... Soul is the spark of God, the flame within that is Eternal and cannot be destroyed by man... So the idea of Mind-Body-Soul integration takes those 3 pieces of you and melds them in harmony, to assist You into bringing God-Spirit-All There Is into this reality. To make this reality at One with God."
Googling about the web, it seems that this integration concept is big in alternative medicine among other spheres. Like many practices, it no doubt has some root in some things about human psychology that are helpful. Corgan seems to be exploring his own take on the concept, and his views seem to be inspired by Christianity, Buddhism, and perhaps several other philosophies and religions.

I myself am a philosophical alchemist of sorts, mixing various 'good ideas' together in recipies that seem conducive to growth and happiness, so I can therefore relate to what Corgan is pursuing. However as a Humanist I, of course, have very different epistemology and thoughts about nature and supernature. As I say in The Humanist Contemplative:

"Humanist Contemplatives try to form their thoughts and beliefs about the world rationally, carefully, and with the utmost humility... Humility comes into play first, in recognizing our limitations. Human beings are not omniscient (all-knowing) and our senses and ability to know are imperfect and limited. Because of this, we do not attempt to make claims or hold beliefs in things of which we have no verifiable evidence. Humanist Contemplatives have a strong respect for... the principles of logic, the scientific method, a good understanding of what constitutes reliable evidence, and a healthy skepticism regarding unproved or unprovable claims... credulousness, unthinking dogma, unfounded ideology, mysticism, faith-based conclusions, and superstition... obstruct our ability to use reason effectively and compassionately for the benefit of others and ourselves."
So, Corgan's strong use of God and other supernatural and paranormal claims presents a lot of material to which many Humanists would find difficult to relate. Nevertheless, the foundation of Humanism is Compassion, and in that respect Corgan seems well placed. He says, "This is a place of Love... ALL are welcome here." He praises people such as Walt Disney for conquering cynicism and promoting "humanity's greater good". In another post he speaks of the everyday people who promote love and make a positive difference in the world. He promotes other positive examples and his heart seems to be in the right place. While his beliefs include a lot of paranormal and supernatural ideas about the world, for those that can be forgiving of differences in worldview, Corgan's approach is at least tolerant, inclusive, compassionate, and has a flavor of exploration to it.

I mention Corgan's blog here, not to endorse the views presented in it, but because it might be of interest to spiritually-minded fans of his - and to give a thumbs up to an effort to search for Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, and promote love in the world.

I'd like to thank David Sadof, who writes the 'Houston Music Examiner' spot here at, for informing me of Corgan's blog. David's blog can be read at

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