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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Walking with Nature

(cc) Ossi Petruska (tiltti),
The ancient Stoics had a concept called, 'walking in accord with Nature' which was part of a good life. This was a vast notion that included a great many interrelated thoughts. This stemmed from the fact that the Stoics viewed all of Nature as one integrated whole, including ourselves and everything about us. I've tried to summarize what general kinds of things are included in the concept below, but further investigation of exactly what is and what is not meant on each element would be needed for those interested:

"Walking with Nature" includes:

1) General knowledge and wisdom about nature (how the world works, including the ways of natural events, other people, and society) and acting in ways that are beneficial given that.

2) Understanding my own nature as a social and moral being, and acting in healthy ways consistent with that.

3) Cultivating greater consistency and ability to do #2 through mindfulness and practice.

4) Cultivating a love, wonder, awe, and appreciation for the beauty of the universe as it is and not as I would prefer it to be.

5) Acceptance that all things happen because of prior causes and every unfolds just as it is 'supposed' to.

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