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Monday, August 24, 2009

Doug Muder on Humanist spirituality

Doug Muder.
Doug Muder is a writer in several sources, and frequent contributor to UU World magazine. One of his blogs is called Free and Responsible Search - a religious and philosophical blog.

A few years ago, he posted a link to a PDF of a presentation he made to the Humanist Society of Massachusetts. The presentation is titled, "Humanist Spirituality: Oxymoron or Authentic Path to Enlightenment?" I was excited to read his excellent essay, as it precisely captures what I try to encourage in Humanism myself. His paper covers the basics of Stoicism and other Hellenic philosophies, noting how they relate to Humanist values. It also has an excellent summary of spirituality, and how to tell good spirituality from bad spirituality.

Many thanks to one of my readers, Stephen, for making me aware of Doug Muder's work. I have already read a little more of it and look forward to exploring it further.

[Humanist Spirituality: Oxymoron or Authentic Path to Enlightenment]

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