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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Top 10 DT Strain articles of 2011

Just when you thought we were through with all the top ten lists for 2011... Well, I have a tradition of summarizing what I think are my top ten articles each year.

Below are the top ten for 2011, and on the link after that you can see the top ten lists from the previous years. On that same page, I also have a top ten 'of all time' though, after nearly 8 years of blogging, such a list leaves out a lot of stuff. Anyway, without further ado...

A message inspired by Dr. King
Prerequisites to ethical understanding
Skeptic and humanitarian reformer challenges religious establishment
On natural disasters and belief
Humanist Meditation 101
Osama bin Laden and our humanity
Motherhood as a road map to universal compassion
Even naturalists don't stay in the grave
It's all philosophy
How we view Nature and control

See more: Every year's top ten lists, and top ten of all time

I'd also like to note that, this year, I wrote some longer essays that might be of interest to readers that missed them. These include The Condensed Chuang-Tsu and Beyond Meditation.

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